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OLSAT-Lennon Test

One of the ways for students to be screened for Gifted and Talented Programs is the OLSAT-Lennon 8 Test. This test is used only in second grade. During the month of March, students take the OLSAT-Lennon 8. If a student (from a Title I school) receives a total PR-S score of 90% or more, he/she will qualify for Gifted and Talented Programs in the third grade. If a student is not at a Title I school, the student must receive a PR-S score of at least 95%. Remember the OLSAT-Lennon is a screener for Gifted and Talented Programs, and the results are not a reflection of how a student performs in the general education classroom.

Dates for Parent Meetings On Gifted Programs

To be announced at the beginning of the school year.

Learn How Students Qualify for Gifted Programs

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LAUSD Office of Gifted and Talented Programs

There are several ways a student can qualify for Gifted and Talented Programs in LAUSD. Click the link below to find out:




Parent Resources from the LAUSD

Click below to access parent resources on Gifted and Talented Programs. Information is also available in Spanish.


General Resources

Additional resources on Gifted and Talented Programs.