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Lexington's custodian staff works hard everyday to keep our school site safe and clean for Lexington students and staff.


Gustavo Zepeda, Plant Manager                                                                  Oliver Johnson, B & G Worker



Lexington's office staff is always available to guide and assist anyone who has questions or needs assistance.


Patricia Gonzalez, School Administrative Assistant



Staff Members


The Administration at Lexington is here to serve students, parents, teachers, staff and community members.  If you have any questions  concerns, come by the main office or call (323) 644-2884.


               Felicia V. Michell, Principal           

Sonia Bazso, Coordinator

Patricia Choe, Assistant Principal, EIS           

Patricia Gonzalez, School Administrative Assistant (SAA)



Remember if you have any questions or concerns, your child's teacher is the first person you should contact. Come to the main office to contact your child's teacher for any questions or concerns you may have.

Melain Anoushian, California State Pre-K

Hilda Escalante, SRLDP

Ron Valencia, TK & Kindergarten

Veronica Zarate, TK & Kindergarten

Karen Alvarez, First Grade

Emilia Gordillo, First Grade

Susana Rodriguez,  Kindergarten and First Grade

Karina Batres, Second Grade

Claudette Prince, Second Grade

Serena Reponte, Second Grade




Lexington has the following assistants that help support our teachers in order to teach students inside and outside the classroom:

Mary Collette Ostrye, Library Aide

Josh Lopez, General Education Teacher's Assistant

Janet Villegas, General Education Teacher's Assistant

Nancy Cornelio, SRLDP Teachers Assistant

Rachel Arzu, California State Pre-K TA

Celia Caice, California State Pre-K

Lorlin Juarez-Reyes, California State Pre-K TA

Taleen Najarian, California State Pre-K TA

Ines Hernandez, Supervision Aide

Blanca Aquino, Supervision Aide

Liz Contreras, Campus Aide

Breouna Anderson, Campus Aide

Luz Flores, Community Representative

Daysi Rivas, Community Representative

Unfilled, Office Technician



Lexington's Cafeteria Staff is working hard everyday to serve a delicious and nutritious breakfast and lunch to Lexington students. However, sometimes students may prefer to bring a sack lunch with their favorite foods. Check out the monthly menu for the cafeteria so you can plan with your child. Remember to pack food that is healthy for your child.


Maria  Santa Cruz, Cafeteria Manager

Evelyn Lim, Cafeteria Worker




Lexington is fortunate to have the following teachers support our students.

Mrs. Ford, Theatre Arts Teacher

Robin Dixon, Music Teacher

Betty Yu, Nurse

Bimbola Olayinka, Resource Specialist Teacher

Juan Tajoya, Psychologist

Ruth Haro, Adapted P. E. Teacher

Amanda Christiansen, Speech & Language Teacher